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Hello all bloggers, moms, dads, & small business owners alike! Do you own a blog or small business and struggle with the upkeep on your books? Do you wish you could just upload your receipts and tax data and have someone else perfect it for you and log it all into Quickbooks for use whenever you needed it?

I would love to help you! I have worked as an accountant at small businesses for my entire career. I’ve worked for manufacturers, insurance agencies, bloggers, startups, and one of the top tech firms in the South East. I have spent my years growing my knowledge of all things bookkeeping and accounting. From Quickbooks to excel, and everything in between, I have worked hard to educate myself on the best practices for specific business types and have executed these practices in the great companies I’ve worked for. Along the way, I’ve been able to test and learn some of the best new products hitting the tech market; This includes products ranging from cloud storage to web filtering. I have had the privilege of working closely with some of these top companies and would love to help you piece together your bookkeeping and financial administration needs.

I would love to assist you with your financial needs, so please do not hesitate to contact me today for a customized rate plan that can help you grow your business and help me build a strong client base of happy bloggers!

I can provide a detailed resume upon request. Just email me below for more information! I am happy to meet via Skype or Google Hangout and am always available via email:

The minute you make money on your blog, it is a business. It may start with a few pennies, but they start to add up quick when you have the entrepreneurial mindset and dedication of a blogger or small business owner. Starting best budgeting and bookkeeping practices when your business is just starting to grow will ensure the smoothest transition and way less head aches down the road.

By hiring me, I can provide any of the following services, for a flat fee (Ex. If you just want Quickbooks set up) or on a monthly reoccurring fee that will ensure you are covered:
-Create/Assist in creating a customized budget forecast for your growing business
 -With a monthly reoccurring service, I will provide updates to this forecast as necessary and will provide   consulting when things start taking off to make the proper adjustments.

-I can purchase your selected version of Quickbooks and set it up customized to your liking and your business needs.
  From here, I can manage your books on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or any other basis your business needs. I can setup a customized package with detailed tasks I would be able to take over so that you can use your time to run and grow your business!

-When tax time comes around, it helps to have an organized system of receipts and important tax information. If you add this service to your package, we will work with customized apps and services that allow you to scan or upload all of your receipts or important business tax docs to a secure folder where I can add all of the necessary information into Quickbooks as you receive it. At the end of the year, if you’ve sent it, it’ll all be there, entered into your Quickbooks platform and ready to be filed.

-Along with help during the year, I will also assist you in filing any year end 1099’s, employee W-2 forms, and any other year end business tax duties.

-Hiring employees to help run your business? I have years of Payroll experience I’d love to put to good use. Using Quickbooks or a platform of your choosing (I can provide a customized shopping process for you to find the perfect company to use) I will upload any employee you will be enrolling on your payroll.I can set up their direct deposit and tax information as well as enter them into your Quickbooks employee database as they on-board.

Don’t see a service you were expecting? Email me! I’d be glad to build a customized business plan for your specific company and help you grow! I hope to help those with the same ambition as me, who want to be successful on terms that work for them!

Email me today for a customized rate package specific to your business needs!

I accept payment via Paypal and have no issues with setting up payment plans to meet your needs.

I look forward to working with you,