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November 2016

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Real Love.

This is inevitable…its just a matter of how much a struggle we want to make it, or just accept it and enjoy the fact that we have found something few get to see.I’ll take the latter.Love is i n s a n e…

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Why I’m starting over & how you can too!

Hello all! It’s Monday and I am feeling very ambitious towards my future. I am purposefully and strategically mapping out my life and making changes that will help me secure the future I’ve been craving, both for me and my son.Why am I doing this?1Finding my balance….As a woman in her mid twenties, I have seen a lot more than I’d assume most people my age have. I have been married, gotten pregnant…

Parenting, Single Mama, the crazy

The hard times of a working mom..

I’m sitting here staring at my sleeping son.. this beautiful little angel who is just dreaming away. I’m thinking that today is my last day of working from home recovering. Tomorrow is my first day back to work. I feel just sick to my stomach. How am I going to just wake him up tomorrow. Just get him up, dressed, and fed in 2 minutes and out the door we go. His mornings go from peaceful to hectic…

Confidence, New Beginnings, Single Mama, the crazy

Why I’m putting everything I’ve got on the line..

I am not afraid to admit that throughout my weeks of working from home recovering from surgery, I have severely and heavily dissected my life and how I am living it. I got to thinking about how well I’m balancing home and work. How much I’m getting out of what I’m putting in.If I were to have asked myself at 18, if I’d be happy doing what I’m doing now, I’d have said…

Parenting, Single Mama, the crazy

Hard Days.

These out of the blue jabs to my integrity make me so damn angry, but then I dust myself off, wipe my eyes, breathe like its my last time and thank the Lord it’t not…

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Another Vice…

 “When it hurts this good, you’ve got to play it twice….Another vice….Waiting on me, where the numb meets the lonely. It’s gone before it ever  m e l t s  the ice……Another Vice.Maybe I’m addicted to goodbyes…..Another Vice.”It’s unfortunate how hard certain days can be.It only takes the smallest wave to start a tsunami. Lately, its always gone before it melts the ice. I am building strength. I…

New Beginnings, Single Mama, the crazy

New leaves & what not…

Okay, so I’m a day late, which kind of sucks when I’m trying to talk about new beginnings and bettering myself… oops. Well anyway, here’s what’s on my mind this month..1. I want to start and keep good habits “like I used to.” I’ve written some down that are really important to me, and instead of breaking them down for you, I’ll keep you in on the horrors of my next 3 weeks…

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Go Cubs Go!!

Well it’s official!!! They did it! In baseball, I never truly followed a team, I really just followed what was local, until for some reason, I had no choice. I was in one of my first apartments and I didn’t have enough money for cable. Like my daddy showed me, there’s always a way to get what you need, and I just needed tv to have on since I lived alone, so I wired some cable through…