Feelings in Music, the crazy

music right now

by xO, Lo-

“I’ve got a problem…but it ain’t like what you think,

I drink because I’m lonesome…

& I’m lonesome cause I drink..

If I don’t break down, and bring it on myself..

It’ll hit out of the blue..

That’s the difference between whiskey & you.

One’s the devil, & one keeps driving me insane

& times I wonder….If they ain’t both the same..

Ones a liar that helps to hide me from my pain,

& ones a long, gone, bitter truth…

that’s the difference…..between whiskey & you.“

It’s hard to tell which is which sometimes…you know? Whiskey & you? I know they both probably aren’t good for me…that’s the problem. I know which would be easier to quit….& it’s the whiskey. I don’t know if quitting you would solve it but I know I’ll never find out .I’ll just keep pouring and getting clarity through the bitter truth of Whiskey & you….

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