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Go Cubs Go!!


Well it’s official!!! They did it! In baseball, I never truly followed a team, I really just followed what was local, until for some reason, I had no choice. I was in one of my first apartments and I didn’t have enough money for cable. Like my daddy showed me, there’s always a way to get what you need, and I just needed tv to have on since I lived alone, so I wired some cable through the wall. This was all I needed, 9 channels of free tv! I was so excited, except the only thing on when I actually watched at night was just Chicago baseball. I watched game after game, night after night. That was 5 years ago. I became a closet Chicago fan then, but when I met Z. It was the childlike passion he had for the sport and the Cubs that made my eyes light up with much of the same. We’ve been together two years now, watched them go almost all the way last year, BUT IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED THIS YEAR!

He credits me for officially breaking the curse by being with him.. as If that was the missing piece. I’ll say, watching the Cubs, that young team, and everything they stand for, I am so honored to be a fan and even more so to be able to share in such a huge win!!!! When they threw that last out, there was nothing more adorable than the two of us, locked hands with each other at almost 1am; screaming the song that we’ve heard over and over, “Go Cubs, Go!! Hey Chicago, what do you say, THE CUBS WON THE FUCKING WORLD SERIES TODAY!!!”



xO, Lo

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