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New leaves & what not…


Okay, so I’m a day late, which kind of sucks when I’m trying to talk about new beginnings and bettering myself… oops. Well anyway, here’s what’s on my mind this month..

1. I want to start and keep good habits “like I used to.” I’ve written some down that are really important to me, and instead of breaking them down for you, I’ll keep you in on the horrors of my next 3 weeks.

It takes 21 days to create a solid habit. So there, three weeks is all it takes!! My goals are smaller, attainable, and hopefully easy.

2. I am slowly starting to get back into it. (I was home recovering from surgery for the last month and some.) I need to break free of constant homebodiness. <-- just made that word up, but in short it means: A Usually active person has no choice but to sit home and dive deep into the depths of their unknown laziness. One usually starts off the day reading each and every Snapchat Article, followed by snacks and tv surfing on the couch. One who can't drive is especially suseptible to homebodiness, as he/she is bound to their home or the ride of someone else. So there. 3. Speaking of Snapchat articles, those damnned things are so freaking hilarious. One today told the tale of a male escort who works part time doing so and brings in an extra $30000 a year. **picks jaw up off the floor and reads on.... He said he gets paid around $1500-$3000 for a night and typically only takes one client a month. Now I'm sorry, I am happily involved in a relationship.. but could you imagine?! This guy gets to have sex with tons of women.. who pay him... and he gets to give them their wildest fantasies. It was crazy to read because, what the fuck?! My Cinderella man mind kicks in here, if he wanted to make it more "full time" he could do one client a week, and make upwards of $96000 a year... to be selective and have sex with paying customers!!! It's amazing to see stuff like that and know that I'm paid to do boring finance work. 4. Moving right along, I have also, in my time in captivity, fallen into the catagory of minorly obsessed with Mac Miller... his new album is one of the most interesting and intriguingly different sounds I've ever heard..not to mention each and every song is sexy.. or filled with romance or sex or both. He just has something I find so amazing with his writing and music that I can't stop listening to it. Anyway, check it out if you're curious! Alright, It's November, time to fuck shit up, get organized, and make stuff happen. Thanks for reading, Talk soon, xO. Lo.

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