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The hard times of a working mom..


I’m sitting here staring at my sleeping son.. this beautiful little angel who is just dreaming away. I’m thinking that today is my last day of working from home recovering. Tomorrow is my first day back to work. I feel just sick to my stomach. How am I going to just wake him up tomorrow. Just get him up, dressed, and fed in 2 minutes and out the door we go. His mornings go from peaceful to hectic in a matter of minutes. And if I don’t wait until the last second to wake him up, I then have to wake him out of a good deep sleep. I know these seem so insignificant, but these are the starters to the day of a horrible feeling.

I think for some moms, if they’re doing the job they love, for the money they need, and find balance in it, these mornings and these starters don’t flare up as often. For me, I never meant to fall into the field I’m in, and for good reason; it’s mind numbing. Corporate finance was not my dream. But what was my dream is now just a small piece to the whole puzzle. I realize that I want happiness and success, so I’m understanding of my change in career choice so I do it and I just make it work. Not for long my friends… not for long.

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