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A mama’s boy’s love….


I can definitely be the first to admit that I NEVER intended to be a single mom. I thought that even though I wasn’t in love, my ex-husband (husband at the time) would be exactly who I would need to support us and give me the life I needed to raise my baby boy. He failed. After moving around over 8 times in the span of a short 4 years(not military, just lazy and couldn’t keep a job), I decided it was time to take it into my own hands. He moved back home and has seen his son only enough to count on one hand over the course of the year. I’m so glad he moved away, because it was only after that, after one whole year with him involved in my sons life, that I truly found the life and love I wanted with my child.

I now work and do everything for myself, so I can have the time, the patience, and the strength to focus on the only person in this world who undeniably loves me. I can give him everything I never got, and more, just as long as its just us two.

When my days are long, I look at his pictures. I pick him up from school and he just makes every minute of it worth it. I have never seen a child more easily adaptable to hard times like my little boy, and I can’t thank the lord enough for helping me raise a tough & strong boy just like his momma. I never thought I’d have a child in full time day care. I also never thought I’d make enough on my own to give myself and my son the best life out of our choices. I’ll take daycare if it means I can secure our future and not rely on someone else. I am so proud to give him the entire world, and when the days get hard, I work harder. I know he’s my biggest fan, and this is all for him.

To all the moms and dads out there who are working their asses off for that little boy or girl/s, I pray you get just a minute at some point today to get that hug or kiss of reassurance from your babies. It’s the fuel that keeps me going..the only reason I’m doing all of this. He’s my world, and I’m going to give him the world in return.

Missing my boy if you can’t tell.

With love,


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