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Selling it all & starting new..


So here we are! I have officially sold every piece of furniture I didn’t need (aka the few things that will fit in my SUV).

I have never felt more FREE.

When listing it, the thoughts that crossed my mind we’re that of worry, but not in the ways I expected. I was just worried that I won’t replace it with something new. That was it. Just worried that I won’t follow through and get myself the replacements I would earn money toward. I didn’t have a thought in my head about missing this stuff.

Because that’s exactly what it is. Stuff. Stuff I’ve bought over the years where I was still learning who I was and who I want to be with. I bought that stuff with people I no longer want or have in my life.

Why the hell would I want to keep that?!

So I listed it all.

As I sold each item, at first when they were coming I felt sad for some of the things I had bought for my son recently, but then I thought about the amazing room we’ve picked out and the replacements that all belong together.

And then these families came. And these kids were so excited. The parents were so happy to buy these items that I had no longer cared for at all. It was a truly gratifying feeling.

Now I can go and take time to find the items I want. To personalize each and every inch of my space.

I think from now on, with each move I do, I want to sell and start new again.. if I’m making a big change, I may as well do it entirely. I am so excited for my new life, and this feels like a Huge weight lifted that I didn’t even know I had.
That’s it for me this morning, at the dmv🙄

Xo. Lo.

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