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Packing has commenced! And other Monday things👍🏼


Happy Monday! Not. But I am glad that I’m one day closer to visiting my love. It’s been only over a week or so, but we really wanted to spend some time around Christmas together, so this is it! I have started packing and am ready to fly already!!! By the way, my flights tomorrow.. I’m just over eager, can you tell? 😂

In other news, the move went well. We are still settling into our new space but B and I are finding the good in every step we take!

We met Santa yesterday, and for B, this is his first real year where he knows and cares to fall in love with Christmas, and boy is he excited. His love and wonder for the holidays and everyday really, are what keeps my faith! So we went to go meet Santa, and like most kids… he enjoyed him from a distance much better than up close. See proof of this below.

We thankfully were only there to see Santa, while I know many people make it a part of their tradition (to get a good picture) I just wanted him to finally meet him! This picture may not make the Christmas card but it sure tells exactly how his first encounter went and I think that’s hilarious, you can see proof of that by looking at my face off to the side😂

We took a few other pictures off to the side of the Christmas tree, but the place we were had an arcade in it as well.. so really neither of us were paying attention…

That’s okay though, because pictures like the one below are really the ones I love. Thank goodness for modern tech. I have more pictures of us than I think my entire family has of us as kids!

Regardless, we had a blast! Time with him makes my heart whole, and that’s why I’m keeping up my spirits in knowing this move was and will be a game changer for us. Somehow, some way, our lives are going to change soon, and I am blessed to have my baby boy by my side and my love back home. Distance is just a number to us and we’re working hard for something we know we can’t live without. I can’t say all of this has been easy, hell I’ve had more breakdowns this past week than drinks… maybe that’s why😂

Either way, we are headed in the right direction, and this next week of travel and Christmas will make my heart whole again so I can take on January with a vengeance.

So back to packing! How do you pack? Any tips or tricks? I’m so worried about my makeup getting damaged.. like losing sleep worried aha but I’m sure it’ll be okay. It’s a Carry on so I’ll just guard that sucker with my life!! As for my clothes, I’ve been rolling them and putting them in, I’ve done this for years and think it’s the best way to cram a bunch of stuff but keep wrinkles away. I would love to hear of any other ways that might make travel easier!

Thanks for listening to me rant this Monday!

Much love,

xO. Lo

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