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4 Best Pregnancy Styles


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Hello all soon to be mamas! I’m here to save your next 9 months from paying too much money for things you’ll never wear! Here are the 4 best pregnancy styles that will keep you comfortable and feeling beautiful, after all, you are!

Being pregnant was truly amazing for me. I definitely had some complications that made it difficult throughout, but the feeling of nurturing my body and in turn, my baby, left me feeling happy, glowing, and healthy. Every mommy should have the most comfortable pregnancy possible, so that’s why, with mine, I spent my time and money wisely creating outfits that made me feel great and stay comfy.

I can honestly tell you that I only purchased two actual maternity specific pieces. The rest I just bought larger and made adjustments!

I hope some of these open your eyes to easy ways of finding comfortable options for your pregnancy!


Layer!! As I started getting bigger and bigger I felt it was easy to pair larger shirts I already had with a dress underneath to create the perfect coverage!

I can not tell you how wonderful it feels when you’re pregnant and can avoid wearing pants! It’s a great achievement even when I’m not pregnant! A dress is my go to recommendation for pregnant mamas everywhere. To wear pants (and well get to that later), you have to go with the small availability of maternity jeans there are, and pay a fortune for something you’ll only wear for three quarters of a year and probably never again.

Instead, I went to stores like Target, TJ Max, and a ton of boutiques around town and found great deals on Maxi Dresses. I ended up buying 5 dresses for what a pair of pants and a half would have costed and I have a million ways to wear these.

When you look at my photo above, you can see that I’m pretty far along but I am totally comfortable. I took my maxi dress and put a shirt over it that I’ve actually had for a while. I paired it with my hat and some sandals and wouldn’t have been happier! Find similar looks here:

The key here is to find something that fits you well, but not too tight, and reaches the ground, because over time as your bump grows, the front will obviously come up a little too.

Side note!! I live in Charleston, SC, so heat had a huge part in my pregnancy. I made sure any dresses I bought had some kind of slit or opening that would allow me to cool down! Nothing worse than a hot pregnant mama!

2. Find pants that can stretch and feel weightless!

I was just under 30 weeks here, but my shirt made it look otherwise!

I found these pants at a boutique on a sale rack. They were a large so I snatched them up and actually started wearing them in the colder months with a layer of leggings underneath. Then, as I grew and grew, I was able to wear them on their own. Even in the hot weather, these pants were baggy enough that it kept the air flowing and could be paired with a bunch of different comfortable shirts.

I’ve listed some I’ve found below, but these are usually best found in stores around spring/summer time. The first pair (linen pants) are my absolutely faves!! They attach by a button but also have a drawstring so as you grow, you can adjust it.


See! Even at 33 weeks, I still managed to stay as comfortable as possible!

As you can tell from the picture above, I had quite the belly! That is why a maxi skirt is an absolute must have during & after pregnancy. It folds wherever you want it to, you can wear it high wasted, you can keep it low. They are really versatile and obviously super comfortable. I loved them also because you can wear a t shirt for the day, and change your look completely with the same skirt for a nice, pregnant night out!

The other thing that Maxi skirts so perfect is that while they do make great maternity maxis, you can probably manage with a size just a little larger than the one you already would wear. Your belly grows, but if you start the skirt just below your belly, it won’t make much of a difference!

I’ve found some maxi skirts I like below, but its best to shop these in store in the spring for sure!


I bought the tank top in that picture when I wasn’t even showing yet. Its just a regular, long tank top with string straps (that adjust). I bought it in a large for under $20 at Target. Not maternity, not special. Just a tank top. But I wore that thing under everything. If I loved a certain pair of pants but knew that the front button being under that much pressure would be like a loaded gun, I would instead, pull my pants up and get comfy, pull my tank top tight to me and cover the top of my pants fully, then top with a jacket or shirt so no one would ever know I was literally busting out of my clothes.

But other than just to help cover your breakdown, baggy shirts are essential for those days where you just need to be cozy. My pregnancy was challenging on my body, and I started having braxton hix contractions right around the 5-6 month mark.

On a rainy day, when I’ve been out of it all morning, you bet your ass I’m going into my closet, putting on some cozy stretchy leggings and finding the biggest, silkiest, long sleeve shirt. I remember days like these in particular because I had (and still have) the best raincoat, and by layering my shirt under the jacket, it never even looked like I was lounging so hard! If I kept my jacket on, I looked poised and beautiful. If I took that bad boy off, I looked like I knew a thing or two about a netflix binge. Either way, I was comfy and happy.

Long story short, these baggy shirts became my go to for when I felt even the slightest bit uncomfortable. I could layer a scarf on and pair it with some comfy boots and I’m out the door without even worrying. Having black, comfortable stretchy leggings also means that you can easily adjust how they, and you, sit all day. I remember some days it felt best when I hiked those suckers up to my nips..but then I remember some days where I just wanted them low. The stretchier the better for this!

Obviously there are many many more options I can list here, but above all else, these 4 are the main ways I managed to stay comfortable and look cute all while growing my little human. I know all women are build in different ways, so if you do need to buy maternity clothes because it just fits you better, I HIGHLY recommend PinkBlush Maternity.

If you sign up for their email list, they send out sale announcements sometimes for 40% off. Definitely worth it if you can grab some things you love on sale! The maxi skirt pictured above came from PinkBlush and I remember getting it for $12 on sale.

Well there you have it folks! Those are my top 4 styles to get you through your pregnancy as happily and comfortably as possible! Remember that you will be wearing these clothes for at least nine months, but I wore most of it after B was born as well, because I already loved it and it helped keep me comfy while my body went through its weird phases!

Even after B was born, and up until today, you can still catch me lounging in those pants!

Happy Pregnancy!

xO, Lo.

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