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4 Tips to workout without hating it


1. Work out at your pace, doing your own thing. 

Don’t feel obligated to just jump on the treadmill and do what everyone else does; instead, do what feels right to you! Want to work out your butt? Workout in ways that help you get there, and don’t worry if you feel you look weird, you’re doing what feels best to you.

Also, stop when stopping feels right. Wanting to do 30 reps but having a hard time reaching 25? Don’t be afraid to stop at 25. Do what your body tells you, after all, you’re working out to better your body, may as well listen to it!!

4 ways to workout without hating it!
At my gym, you can find me using walls more than treadmills! I am all about what feels good!

2. Don’t be afraid to do less on days you don’t feel up to it. You’ll feel better having worked out that not at all.

I am a firm believer in small gratification. On days when B has me going crazy, I still focus on squeezing even a 15 minute workout in at some point, and it makes all the difference. Just giving myself and my body that attention makes me feel a little better about being productive that day. 

I think even if you can work out for a few minutes, you’ll feel a lot more accomplished and in turn, more ambitious to get more done. A workout for me is like a blast of energy, and if you can ride on the high of exercising you can power through a good amount of your to do list without even trying. Just little by little and it makes all the difference!

3. Don’t feel like you have to go to the gym to get a good workout.

I can’t stress this one enough. As a work from home mom, I’ve found that I can squeeze most of the workouts I want to get done into everyday things. I’ll pick up my little guy and do some squats randomly (and he loves being a part of it) or I’ll just do some leg lifts when I have a free second and an empty wall space. There’s always somewhere to get in a small workout.

4 tips to working out without hating it!
Me and B getting our nightly workout sesh on. You can see I’m wearing ankle & wrist weights and boy what a good workout it is!

If you actually can get dedicated time, a mix of yoga and leg/arm workouts can all be done right on the floor and you can really break a sweat. I’ve done the same routine daily on the floor and it helps to keep and tone my body continually without one piece of equipment. ( other than my yoga mat!)
4. Don’t feel like you have to run on the treadmill for an hour to get a good workout.

I always go to the gym and see the same people running over and over on the treadmill, and while this is great for some, I absolutely hate running unless I’m outside! There are so many other ways to get your heart rate up and get in some cardio, so if you’re like me and don’t want to spend an hour running in place, look into these! 

I have yet to try Zumba but I know it has to give great results, because dancing works wonders on your body!!

All in all, there are little ways everywhere and everyday where you can get a wonderful workout that keeps you headed towards your body goals without breaking the bank and your ambition. By just giving yourself a few minutes to work on yourself and your body, you’ll feel like you’re spoiling yourself, and you should be!

Those are my tips! I hope they inspire you to  get in that gym/workout time that’s been waiting on you! You’ll feel wonderful for doing so!
Thanks for reading,

xO, Lo

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