Monday Beauty Tips!

Monday Beauty Tip!


Monday beauty tip that could save you a ton!
Just as easy as crack, stir, spread, & rinse!
Happy Monday Y’all! This weeks beauty tip has been my go to for years now. During my pregnancy I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and it left me with a pill a day for the rest of my life. It also left me with so many imbalances within my body that I found it hard to keep up. 

One of my biggest battles was a really dry scalp, all the time. I bought everything you can think of someone suggesting. Head and shoulders, tea tree oil, even a $25 bottle of specific dandruff curing shampoo (that did not work again after the first time) and was really down on my luck.

One day I read….(insert a disappointing sigh) on Snapchat that the Kardashians are very quick to reach into their kitchens for beauty supplies over expensive treatments. It got me thinking of what could help nourish my scalp and keep it that way so I can feel more confident in my hair.

I opened my fridge and it hit me. Egg yolks! Since then, I’ve made it a point to mix up one egg yolk each Monday, rub it in to my scalp, let it sit for a few minutes while my shower warms up, and rinse as usual. I follow it with some mellow shampoo and conditioner and I’m all set! Not one flake or itch on my scalp!!

I wanted to share this because I know how frustrating and disappointing it can be to work hard on your look and then notice you’re flaking at your hair line. It makes you very self conscious. I hope some mamas, ladies, and anyone really, benefit from this because it sure has saved me from a lot of hassle!! 

Got any great tips?! I’d love to hear them!

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With love and silky smooth hair,

xO, Lo❤️

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