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Change Your Finances With This Free App!

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Hmm.. financial well being, you say? How interesting. I know it sounds crazy, but your financial state of mind controls a lot of your self esteem and confidence. If you’re not confident in your finances and your financial plan, your more likely to make bad decisions.

In my last position before starting this blog, I worked in corporate finance at a great tech company. Talk about a ton of smart people in one room, and they know and practice financial well being perfectly. No matter your income, if you plan it right, you can be happy financially.

There’s obviously always a desire and/or need for more money, but if you take small steps towards planning your financial goals, they will seem more realistic; more attainable. 

So how can you quickly and easily manage your finances right on your phone? My friends,  meet Mint. It is a financial solution that solves so many issues, and in one place. With this app, you can personalize a budget right down to the spending category.

You can sync all of your bank accounts, credit cards, and loan accounts to the app and it will automatically show you your current available balance and debt across all accounts!

Does this not get you excited?! It sure does for me!

Struggle to make a dent on your debt? Their debt planning tool is so easy to use and so so helpful. You enter your goals and specifics, it takes the account info that is already synced up, and sets you up a payment schedule that you can update and change as you go.

The best thing about Mint, is that it is powered by intuit. This gives me the confidence to know that this is run by some true professionals who really know finance. 

So how will this change your financial mindset? Well, for one, after a month goes by, as any business does and as every person should, you can easily go back and analyze your spending for areas you can trim back or adjust.

Mint has a great report for you each month and it makes it easy to understand your bad spending habits and try and think of ways to fix them. 

For example; I’ll log in and see that I’m spending more on groceries than I budgeted. This made me realize that by going Nightly to the store a few days in a row instead of a planned grocery trip, I had spent more than I ever would have if I just made a list and did it once. 

As soon as I realized I’ve done something like this, because it happens, I think about what I could have done with that extra money. I could have taken Blake to a movie. I could have put it in my savings and watched it grow.

Change your finances today! Read this & more at cbsDaily!

It’s important to keep your goals at the forefront so you can pick your self up and get back on track. 

If you never saw the alert about overspending, you wouldn’t think twice to continue to spend more for the same thing; thus forever trapping you in the situation where most people find themselves. Where they just can’t get ahead.

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If you don’t think or plan out your finances, you’ll never fully be in charge of them. It’s a powerful feeling knowing exactly where you’re at and where you want to be.

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Mint takes the guess work out of a budget. It’ll analyze what you spend, what you bring in, and your net worth. It’ll tell you how much you should be spending and saving towards your goals.

It’ll even check your credit for you if you choose that feature!

Change your finances for good! This & more at cbsDaily!

Change Your Finances With This Free App!

There are credit card, loan, and investing suggestions as well as advice and rates.

There’s not an incentive for me to tell you about Mint, but after logging in tonight and just being able to see everything in one place, I felt in control. I felt like I have a very positive financial well being.

Do I make as much as I want to?! Absolutely not.

But am I confident in where my finances are headed? Absolutely. I have a plan and this app makes me stick to it.

Hope y’all use and like Mint like I do!

xO- Lo


  1. Meg

    I really want to focus on getting my finances in order this yeAr, hopefully this will help!

    25 . 01 . 2017
    • xO, Lo

      Hey Meg! Yes!! I truly think it will. You can set it up to remind you when you’re overspending and for goal reminders too. I hope you love it!šŸ˜

      25 . 01 . 2017

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