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6 Tips for a More Productive Day


Spring always brings out a need for me to get more productive! I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s the time change, seeing that sunrise, and the whole thought of “spring cleaning” that has me up and at em every morning. & I know that’s not always the case for most people.

Take my love for example. He wakes up and will literally keep every light off until it is completely necessary. He sleeps his way through his shower and does the bare minimum to get out the door.

While I admire his determination to stay in a slated haze, I on the other hand, wake up knowing how much I need to do. I am already calculating my plan to get it done.

And with that, I’ll give you my 5 best tips to get your day started productively, so it’ll carry on for you through out!

Starting your day on the best foot is what will truly make all the difference, but you have to tweak your routine just slightly to see the results!

1. MAKE YOUR BED! I know it sounds redundant and probably downright annoying, but it seriously is the best thing for me to do right away.

-Why I think this helps: To me, you are checking off your first checklist item. It is one of the most overlooked items on that list, but by just doing it first thing, you can feel better later in the day when you walk in and see that you at least had your shit together that morning!

Also, at night I think its just heavenly to get into a fresh, made bed.

Trust me on this one, it does help!

2. DRINK SOME WATER When thinking up this list, I thought about what impact certain overlooked items had on me. For example, if I went a day where I only drank one bottle of water, I’d feel bad thinking I should have worked harder to stay hydrated.

With this in mind, I started purposefully keeping track of my water intake so that I can celebrate the small victory of always feeling good and hydrated.

-Why I think this helps: When you first wake up, if you’re anything like me, your probably already thirsty. By keeping a water bottle next to my bed, I’ve been able to cross off my first bottle of water before I even leave my bedroom. Talk about productive; That’s two items down!

3. BRAIN DUMP This to me is a no brainer…….HA. But seriously, there is nothing more helpful than just emptying your mind onto paper first thing in the morning. I have so much running through my head that it overwhelms me. To do lists, dinners to make, groceries to remember, and then of course my actual work tasks!

That is why I grab myself a notebook and sit down for just a few minutes each morning and sort out my thoughts.

Why I think this helps: By doing this, I get a realistic view of what I’m expecting of myself. Being productive is even better when you plan out and prioritize your tasks.

Have your most Productive day yet!

4. MAKE A TO DO LIST Following from the previous tip, once you’ve prioritized your tasks for the day, list them out and set yourself a simple schedule to follow. I never like to make a strict schedule because I know I’ll never be able to stick to it. But by blocking off my schedule for certain tasks, I can continually have reminders of what I need to be working on.

-Why I think this helps: By setting up a physical list to follow, you give your mind the ultimate screen shot of what’s important to you that day. You’ll be able to feel accomplished when checking things off. You really are just giving yourself a reason to celebrate when you get it all checked off; so be realistic! Feeling down because you overbooked yourself should never be on the list!

5. SET BOUNDARIES This one may seem a little odd, but I swear by it!! There are certain activities in my day I’d be ignorant to say they didn’t interfere. Little things like Snapchat or browsing Insta when that is not a task to complete. During business hours, I want to be strictly business.

So, like I used to when I worked out of an office, I set myself some breaks and limit myself to only mess around with non-business related apps and activities to those times.

-Why I think this helps: Having discipline is one of the building blocks to being productive, so the more strict you are on yourself, the more productive you’ll be.

6. SET ONE GOAL My last tip has become one of my all time favorites. I have a tiny little abbreviation, “DIN” that I have written on my mirror. DIN simply means “Do it now.” Literally so simple, I know, but those three letters have made all the difference for me.

For the first few days I was trying to really focus on this task, I wrote it very small on my hand. That entire day, anytime I took something off it was immediately hung up, any dish I used was immediately cleaned and put back away, and any small tasks I needed to do were just done when I was in front of them.

Three small words with a ton of power behind them.

-Why I think this helps: Holding yourself accountable in the smallest ways can sometimes be all you need to make a change. By having a reminder in my face, I knew I didn’t want to let myself down.

Being productive all relies on the right state of mind. After all, if you don’t care enough, you just wont. So by setting yourself up for a productive day, you’ll have already invested the time and energy it takes to not want to let yourself down.

Planning on trying any of these tips? Let me know below!

Got any productivity tips of your own to share? Preach!

If you’re looking for something to help guide you into ultimate productivity, try this Productivity Journal. It seriously worked wonders for me because it allowed me to specifically prioritize my tasks!

Also, this book was well worth a read when I was first struggling with managing all of my tasks! You can do this!

And for all of you mama’s out there, here’s a great read on how to be more productive at home!

Thank you for ready and have a happy, productive Tuesday friends!

xO, Lo
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  1. BECCA

    Thanks Lo! I am big on to do lists but I definitely could work on the others. I’ve never been great at making my bed in the morning even though I know I should.


    21 . 03 . 2017
  2. Krista

    awww yeah! it’s totally essential to brain dump in the morning, haha! and life looks so put together with a made bed.


    22 . 03 . 2017

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