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Think like a CEO!


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Think like a CEO

The moment you put money into your blog or your idea, it becomes a business.

A CEO (Cheif Executive Officer) of a company is who runs things, who makes decisions, who is ultimately in charge; and with your blog or business, the CEO is you.

While you may not feel like you run a business yet or you may not feel deserving of the CEO title, great things can happen when you start thinking like the business you eventually want to be.

If you have a goal in mind for where you want your business to go, or if you have a salary amount that you want to hit, thinking like a CEO will help to get you there.

Not running your own business? The career girl with big dreams needs to be thinking like A CEO too. The more you practice keeping a business and successful mindset, the more success you’ll see.

So here they are; 

The top habits of a CEO 💼

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

A lesson I quickly learned when working for a very successful IT firm was that if you’re the best around, what others are doing doesn’t matter in the slightest. When you set out to run a successful business, you should have a path that you hate to alter.

Think like a CEO and change your success today!

Someone elses success could have been reached for a number of reasons. They have a different life, a different mindset, a different goal than you.

In blogging specifically, it’s very easy to fall down the rabbit hole of envy and imitation. When I started my blog, I remember times where I’d download a PDF of some great blogging workbook only to find it either said things I already knew or things that I didn’t think we’re necessary for success in my business.

Point is, there are many many different resources out there, and they can be very useful. At the same time, each resource is another opinion of how your blog or business should be run. Blogging is ever changing and no path is the same as the next.

Keep this in mind as you shape the path of where your blog or business is headed.

2. Give yourself some credit!

One of the worst qualities you can possess is an uncertainty of your worth. And I say this because in order to feel successful, you need to feel confident.

How can you sell someone something if you have a hard time believing in and in turn selling yourself?

The mindset of success starts with a powerful being who knows what they deserve, and you are no different.

It is especially important to give yourself some credit when you are deciding pricing for your products or services. Don’t cut yourself short just because you feel in-superior to others in your field.

If you know your worth and ask for it from the beginning, you’ll build trust in your value and things will fall into place.

If you start cheap because you know it’ll get you clients, those will be your clients. You will have a hard time charging more for your services after you begin because the clients you started out attracting will no longer be able to afford your products or services.

One way to go around this is by offering products on a sliding scale so anyone can build a package they want within their budget.

This helps to accept more clients all while holding your value.

Regardless, you should always be charging what you feel your services are worth. If they don’t know why they should pay that much, TELL THEM! But don’t sell yourself short.

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I’d rather spend more time on marketing any day then overworking myself for less pay than I anticipated!

3. Set yourself apart!

There are some pretty amazing bloggers and business owners out there, for real. And I admit that probably just like you, I get lost reading and scrolling through a blog sometimes. And that’s okay.

Those blogs sure are amazing, but they’re amazing because of the person behind them. And that same thing should be said about your blog or business.

If you’re reading blogs and then setting out a plan of how to be more like them, you’re being counterproductive.

It wasn’t until I just went with my intuition and started blogging and posting like I felt best that my blog and business took off!

By keeping it organic and not trying to twist myself into the ultra blogger, I’m able to post more consistently, more persistently, and most of all, more content that is important to who I want my reader to be.

Your website/business/blog are your own creation. Don’t guide it down a direction that is unknown to you just because it worked for someone else!

Think like a CEO and change your path to success today! Read these tips and more at cbsDaily!

And for the Career girl! Setting yourself apart in a career is crucial for advancement and overall excitement for your job. Your career should be your passion, so if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, don’t be ashamed to let it flow!

I remember so many times where I felt like I should slow down or be less productive because that was the energy of the other employees. But I just couldn’t settle for anything less than 100%!

That is what separates you from the rest; your drive, ambition, desire for success, and devotion to get there.

Setting yourself apart and being consistent will go a long way, probably a lot further than you think.


I can not say this one enough! I just want to shout it from the rooftops!

Being consistent was the NUMBER 1 Reason I feel that I have found success in my business and my blog.

When I first started out, I was so excited to take the blogging world by storm that I studied every free PDF & Printable that was available, I took webinar after webinar, and I got an overload of information.

With that information, I then tried to sloppily apply it to my blog and business plan. It was a mess.

Day after day, after reading yet another informative blogging resource, I’d make tweaks and changes to my blog that I thought would make all the difference for me.

I spent time I could have been writing posts.

After making changes, I’d start heading in the right direction only to decide to tweak it again to follow a new idea.

Ladies, this is a business.

There are analytics for a reason. And I say that because how can you expect to find out if something you’re doing and working so hard on works if you are constantly changing everything. There is no way to track that!

Finally I decided it was time to just set up my site how I wanted, and to post when I felt was right. I worked harder on constructing a better schedule of posts and on keeping a consistent flow.

I stopped reading everything about being the best blogger.

I know that sounds crazy, but there really is no one way to blogging. Someone may tell you that if you fix this and move that you’ll have followers or subscribers in no time, but that may not always be the case.

Think like a CEO and change your path to success today!

And if it’s not, it’s then your loss for spending all that time on those tasks.

For the Career girl; It may feel like you go to work every day and do the same thing over and over without anyone noticing, but if you’re on time and working hard; You’re being noticed.

If you show that you are a consistent employee, you show that you are responsible and reliable.

Combine that with your solid work ethic and motivation and the world is yours!

5. Don’t give up

I can’t think of how many times I just wanted to walk away from everything and just sell myself back to the 9 to 5. When my business was just starting and my client load was low, I started to panic!

I started to think of all the possibilities of failure ahead of me. I started to worry if this was all over my head.

I started to really doubt myself.

So I took a weekend off.

Let me tell you, that made all the difference and I recommend it ASAP.

By stepping away completely, I was able to regain my focus and determination. I started to daydream again about what success would feel like.

I started to slowly consider the obstacles in front of me and then determine a path to take to overcome them.

I started to think more like a business and less like a personal venture.

The second you start thinking without the option to fail, is the same second where your life could change!

Think like a CEO and change your path to success today! Read these tips and more at cbsDaily!

Think like a CEO!

All in all, there is no one way to run a business, blog, or your career. Each and every situation is different but when you take the time to decide what direction you want to be headed in, you can give yourself the drive to get there.

I remember being in a place where I couldn’t believe success was for me. How sad is that?!

Are you in that place?

Do you feel like you have the passion but just can’t get to that next level?

I’ve been there, and I’m here to pull you out of the trenches!

With a solid plan, a renewed outlook on business and life, and the motivation to move mountains, you can achieve greatness!

Let me help you become your best you!

Let me help you make your dreams come true!

Sign up here for a free discovery call or to sign up for a program!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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xO, Lo

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