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Stressed out?! Try this now!


Stressed out? Try this!

Ever feel so stressed you start to panic? Maybe your palms get sweaty or your foot starts to tap.

Stress is such a hard thing to deal with because it can come when you feel like you just can’t handle one more thing!

Anxiety and stress are two huge factors in why people have unproductive day. Often times, we spend more time worrying than we do fixing the problem.

In starting and running my business’ and also from life in general, I’ve learned the one and only way I can calm myself down and continue on a path that is productive and stress free:


Deep breathing can lead to less stress in general, so it’s something that can be practiced on the ride home, in the shower, or anytime you feel you could use something to reassure you you’re still alive!

Practice this and become better at stress management so you can get on with your career or business today!

These breathing techniques are ones I’ve used over the years from my yoga practice and I am so thankful for them.

Here are 3 ways to take your stress down a level!

1. If you’re tossing and turning at night:

Just wrapped up a super stressful day at the office? Thinking about how long your day will be tomorrow?

These thoughts are strong ones and they can do a real number on your sleep habits.

Next time you’re having a hard time drifting off to sleep, try this:
-Place the tip of your tongue on the top of your mouth just behind your teeth.
-Exhale through your mouth as loud and full of effort as you can.
-Once you get that first breath out, inhale deep through your nose and for about 4 seconds.
-Now hold that breathe for about 7 seconds more.
-After 7 seconds, exhale ambitiously through your mouth for about 8 seconds more.
-Repeat this 3 or 4 more times.

After following these steps, you should have calmed your heart, brain, and body to be ready to drift off.

2. If you’re feeling nervous:

Feeling overwhelmed with your workload? Have a big meeting coming up that is making you a little antsy?

Learn how to manage your stress for good so you can get on with what's important!

Next time you feel the nerves coming on, try this:
-Just like you did when you were trying to sleep, place the tip of your tongue on the top of your mouth.
-Inhale slowly through your nose and count to four.
-Instead of holding your breath like last time, (holding your breath can make you anxious if you aren’t trying to fall asleep), exhale through your mouth with abundance and let that breath flow out for 8 seconds.
-Repeat this three times.

After following these steps, you should have been able to regain focus and calm your nerves so that you can move on to more productive things!

3. If you’re feeling angry:

Did someone just tell you something that made your blood boil? Did you just get news you weren’t wanting to hear?

Anger can derail a day faster than most anything else. If you’re having a good day and then all of a sudden feel a surge of anger, take these steps and change your path so that you can still relinquish your day!

Learn how to manage your stress so you can get on with what's important to you!

Next time you feel a surge of anger coming on, try this:
-Sit comfortably with your back straight. (And obviously away from everyone else.)
-Lean your head slightly forward.
-Close your eyes
-Take a few natural and deep breaths-As you breathe, count from one as you exhale and continue until you reach 5 breaths.
-Repeat this for up to 10 minutes.

Stress can be so overwhelming and consuming if you don’t try to manage it. To keep my stress under control always,
I not only practice these breathing techniques, but I also try and keep my life in order as much as possible.

This comes with planners, schedulers, and organization.

My favorite planners are this and this.

For more ideas on how to become better at handling stress, check out these books that have helped me immensely!

This book on stress management and this book on training your brain to change how it reacts to stress!

Stress relief candles like this one are great, & I’m always a fan of any kind of tea, but especially this stress relief one!

Want to learn more about ways to ensure you are taking the proper care for yourself?

Here’s an article on practicing proper self love.

How do you handle stress? Got any tips to share?

I’d love to hear!

Comment below!

Thanks for reading,
xO, Lo
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  1. Krista

    Girl I really needed those sleeping tips! Maybe it’s the caffeine, but I am alwayssss tossing & turning.


    29 . 03 . 2017
    • xO, Lo

      I know right!? It’s definitely my go to every night because us bloggers never stop!😂

      29 . 03 . 2017

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