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Career Closet Must Haves!


Mid-Week Career Style Guide

Career Closet Must Haves

The weather is getting warmer where I’m at! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE spring. The weather, the flowers, and especially the fashion!

It’s finally time to get to shopping for a spring wardrobe and this year I have one goal in mind. I want to buy pieces that can be transformed from career to happy hour, and some Sunday fun days in-between. These are the must haves for your career closet!

Working in business creates an obvious style baseline for me, and that is semi-professional. My goal was to find pieces that could be dressed up during the work day and when meeting with clients. After the work day ends, these pieces are able to transform into my nighttime look and stay comfortable.

Dress for success! Check out these Career Closet Staples!

Whether you’re working in an office, your own office, your home; wherever, these looks will give you a look of confident professionalism that will carry you through to your chic casual night attire.

The styles curated below give your work week a balance. Starting Monday off with a simple dress, comfortably perfect shoes and the cutest black bag and end Friday with the sweetest pants, a great bag, and a top and tank that can be worn so many ways.

Each look gives you something different. From the black jumpsuit for your day of client meetings, to your to die for J. Crew Ruffle skirt, you’ll have a closet full of inspiration.

What you need in your career closet & more at cbsDaily!

Dressing for success is one of the most crucial decisions you can make. By dressing for the career you want, not the one you have, you are always putting your best foot forward. By making the conscious decision every morning to dress your best, you give yourself a confidence boost automatically.

When you look good, you feel good! Building your career look can take time. By spending time around your office (if you work in one), you can gear the fashion atmosphere.

In some places, I’ve been the only one to wear heels. Some others I feel under dressed in my finest duds.

The key is to find balance within your wardrobe so that you have versatile looks. To gather Pieces and staples that make you feel confident and sexy wherever you’re wearing it.

To me, this means something that can take me from business, to mom of a toddler in 10 minutes.

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s easy when you take time to curate a collection of styles that compliment each other.

So to wrap it up, here are my Career Closet suggestions for this week. These are styles similar to my upcoming work week fashion and I may be just a little mad that some of the pieces (looking at you lovely Guess Bag!) are now ON SALE..

What You Need In Your Career Closet

What you need in your career closet & More @ cbsDaily!

Career Closet Must Haves

Thanks for checking out my style tips & recommendations!

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