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Spring Sunscreen Upgrade

Spring Sunscreen Upgrade

After being at the pool with Blake this weekend, it became apparent that it's that time of year again!

Have you cleaned out your sunscreen lately? Read more for tips and product suggestions!

After being treated for skin cancer, sunscreen and proper protection are two things I do not mess around with, and neither should you!

Did you know that sunscreen can become completely ineffective when left out in hot temperatures? Sounds crazy, but it's true! Read more on that here.

So that is why every year, I choose to just start with a fresh new bottle of sunscreen instead of chancing it with an old one.

By doing this I ensure that we'll be protected, but I also get to try new brands and types as well!

This year I've had many many different favorites come through from Ipsy and Birchbox subscriptions, so I've gotten to try some great products!

For me, I like sunscreen that is silky and smooth to apply. There are some sunscreens with different consistencies that leave your skin sticky and damp. Definitely not a fan of sticky and damp!

The sunscreen I like for my face is never the same as what I put on my body, and the same is said for Blake.

Have you upgraded your sun care lately?

To me, sunscreen is a layer and part of my daily routine, and it should become a part of yours too!

In the mornings, I add a drop to my primer and spread it all over my face, neck, and shoulders. The mix feels amazing on my skin and I know i'm protected for the day.

If we're going to the pool or the beach, I always apply my sunscreen when I am completely naked. This may sounds crazy but it's the best way to just ensure perfect coverage! Then you let it dry, pop on your bikini, and be off on your way!

When at the beach or pool and I need to reapply, I leave my sunscreen in my cooler. I do this for two reasons; 1) On a hot day at the beach, nothing feels more amazing than slathering on some cold sunscreen. It cools you down and sets you up for the rest of your day.

Are you guilty of leaving your sunscreen in the heat? Upgrade to new sunscreen to prevent burns and ineffective SPF!

2) Like I said earlier, hot temperatures ((above 77 degrees)) will make certain ingredients inactive, and therefore, ineffective.

And just to be clear because I think there is a lot of misconceptions when it comes to caring for your skin with the sun; Sunscreen does not block your ability to get color, it just helps to keep the harmful rays from damaging your skin.

I can lay out at the beach all day and feel good about being protected while still getting great color. The difference is, I never burn or deal with redness. Worth it my friends! I can not say it enough!

It is the perfect time of year to take advantage of picking the best products for your summer lifestyle! Time to clean out the old stash and upgrade with new!

Here are my picks for all things suncare!

My favorite sunscreen right now is by Supergoop. They have perfected the smooth and silky texture that I love and their products all leave my skin feeling amazing.

If you're going to mix your sunscreen in with your moisturizer, this is my go to for sure.

I said earlier that I mix my sunscreen (serum) in with my primer, you can find that primer right here! It is absolutely amazing. The shimmer and shine that it gives while naturally boosting your skins colors makes it perfect to wear alone or with makeup over. Mixing it with the Supergoop Serum makes for a perfect combo!

If you're looking for the best of each type, I highly recommend this kit for summer.

And if you're like me, I love me an all in one! This right here can replace your moisturizer and cc cream completely, AND it has 35 SPF. This is by far my favorite and the original product by Supergoop that got me hooked. You will be too!

So if you do choose the CC Cream like me, you'll need something equally amazing for your body. Friends; Meet the best smelling, feeling, working lotion/sunscreen I've ever tried! No joke!

Not looking to spend that much on sunscreen? Completely understandable. Here are some less expensive but still equally effective products that I've used and loved!

I am a big fan of Neutrogena's sun care line and have used it for years and years. I worked at CVS when I was a teenager and bought almost every product of theirs and loved them.

This sunscreen is a recent favorite of mine as a backup. It smells good, goes on smooth, and doesn't leave you feeling sticky.

This is one of my favorites for your face and neck. It is silky smooth and a great moisturizer. This is definitely perfect to add into your daily makeup routine!

Used to using organic products? I am with you there. In my experience, it is very hard to find a sunscreen that is comfortable to wear all day that also happens to be organic. Usually they have to use a mineral base which is what causes that sticky feeling I have a hard time with! These products, however, are pretty great!

Juice Beauty is one of my favorite brands and they really do a good job of making their sunscreen almost milky. You'll love how it feels on your skin!

This Sunscreen stick by The Honest Company is definitely a great product to keep around. I carry it with me and use it on my cheeks, nose, and lips when I know I'll be out in direct sun. It is a little thick because of the mineral base, but it looks great under lip gloss and makeup really clings well to it. So it's kind of a win win!

So there you have it! All of these products have been great and I still use just about every one of them from time to time.

Take steps now to protect yourself, because it only takes one burn to cause irreversible damage! Check out my tips and suggestions for the best sun care!

Sun screen and proper sun care are so so amazingly crucial, so these products are essential to giving you the best and healthiest summer possible! There's nothing worse than ugly scars on your back from improper sun care, trust me!

Don't make my mistake! Proper sun care is crucial! Here are my tips and suggestions for the best routine yet!

Hope y'all try these out and love them like I do!

What's your favorite type of sunscreen!?

Have you cleaned out your stash?

xO, Lo

**This post contains links to these amazing products, all of which I've tried and loved. If you choose to buy them from the links, a small commission is paid to cbsDaily to keep up with the cost of running this site for my readers! Thank you in advance for your support and for reading!

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