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Feelings in Music, the crazy

Another Vice…

 “When it hurts this good, you’ve got to play it twice….Another vice….Waiting on me, where the numb meets the lonely. It’s gone before it ever  m e l t s  the ice……Another Vice.Maybe I’m addicted to goodbyes…..Another Vice.”It’s unfortunate how hard certain days can be.It only takes the smallest wave to start a tsunami. Lately, its always gone before it melts the ice. I am building strength. I…

Feelings in Music, the crazy


“I’ve got a problem…but it ain’t like what you think,I drink because I’m lonesome…& I’m lonesome cause I drink..If I don’t break down, and bring it on myself..It’ll hit out of the blue..That’s the difference between whiskey & you.One’s the devil, & one keeps driving me insane& times I wonder….If they ain’t both the same..Ones a liar that helps to hide…

Confidence, Feelings in Music, the crazy

Crazy Beautiful Sexy

I never wanted to change my style, change my point of view..the truth is girl I’d take whole damned thing and change it all for you… classic; you’re rocking it..I think this song is Z’s check list of ways to describe me on the spot if he had to…just a great, easy song that tells the tale of becoming consumed by the love of your life.and…