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Packing has commenced! And other Monday things๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Happy Monday! Not. But I am glad that I’m one day closer to visiting my love. It’s been only over a week or so, but we really wanted to spend some time around Christmas together, so this is it! I have started packing and am ready to fly already!!! By the way, my flights tomorrow.. I’m just over eager, can you tell? ๐Ÿ˜‚ In other news, the move went well. We are still settling into our new space…

Confidence, New Beginnings, Single Mama, the crazy

The beauty in letting things go..

Hey all! This title means so much to me. In more than one way, I’ve spent a lot of time lately focusing on setting myself free. I am so focused on my future endeavors that I’m just counting the days until I can give them my full attention. Beyond cutting myself free of the daily work routine; the drop off at daycare, the dreaded drive in, rushing around at lunch, etc.., I have also been preparing for my…

Confidence, New Beginnings, Single Mama, the crazy

Why I’m starting over & how you can too!

Hello all! It’s Monday and I am feeling very ambitious towards my future. I am purposefully and strategically mapping out my life and making changes that will help me secure the future I’ve been craving, both for me and my son.Why am I doing this?1Finding my balance….As a woman in her mid twenties, I have seen a lot more than I’d assume most people my age have. I have been married, gotten pregnant…

Confidence, New Beginnings, Single Mama, the crazy

Why I’m putting everything I’ve got on the line..

I am not afraid to admit that throughout my weeks of working from home recovering from surgery, I have severely and heavily dissected my life and how I am living it. I got to thinking about how well I’m balancing home and work. How much I’m getting out of what I’m putting in.If I were to have asked myself at 18, if I’d be happy doing what I’m doing now, I’d have said…

New Beginnings, Single Mama, the crazy

New leaves & what not…

Okay, so I’m a day late, which kind of sucks when I’m trying to talk about new beginnings and bettering myself… oops. Well anyway, here’s what’s on my mind this month..1. I want to start and keep good habits “like I used to.” I’ve written some down that are really important to me, and instead of breaking them down for you, I’ll keep you in on the horrors of my next 3 weeks…