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Packing has commenced! And other Monday things๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Happy Monday! Not. But I am glad that I’m one day closer to visiting my love. It’s been only over a week or so, but we really wanted to spend some time around Christmas together, so this is it! I have started packing and am ready to fly already!!! By the way, my flights tomorrow.. I’m just over eager, can you tell? ๐Ÿ˜‚ In other news, the move went well. We are still settling into our new space…

Parenting, Single Mama, the crazy

The hard times of a working mom..

I’m sitting here staring at my sleeping son.. this beautiful little angel who is just dreaming away. I’m thinking that today is my last day of working from home recovering. Tomorrow is my first day back to work. I feel just sick to my stomach. How am I going to just wake him up tomorrow. Just get him up, dressed, and fed in 2 minutes and out the door we go. His mornings go from peaceful to hectic…

Parenting, Single Mama, the crazy

Hard Days.

These out of the blue jabs to my integrity make me so damn angry, but then I dust myself off, wipe my eyes, breathe like its my last time and thank the Lord it’t not…