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Positives in a Long Distance Relationship

Okay, so long distance relationships suck. No lie. But with everything in my life, I try to seek out the positive in the situation, and try and find some way to get enjoyment out of my journey, otherwise; what’s the point right?So Z and I have been living in different states for just over a month now, and we have a little over a month to go. It’s been hard, but we’ve been through far worse…

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4 Tips to workout without hating it

1. Work out at your pace, doing your own thing. Don’t feel obligated to just jump on the treadmill and do what everyone else does; instead, do what feels right to you! Want to work out your butt? Workout in ways that help you get there, and don’t worry if you feel you look weird, you’re doing what feels best to you.Also, stop when stopping feels right. Wanting to do 30 reps but having a…

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Real Love.

This is inevitable…its just a matter of how much a struggle we want to make it, or just accept it and enjoy the fact that we have found something few get to see.I’ll take the latter.Love is i n s a n e…